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Claim notification – Voluntary Health Insurance

In case the Insured uses the services of clinics and institutions with which the Insurer does not have a contract on direct cooperation, the Insured pays the costs of medical treatment himself and submits the request for reimbursement to the Insurer with the obligation:

  1. to submit a completed request for reimbursement of medical services within 180 days from the day of the performed medical service;
  2. to enclose with the request, a copy of the medical documentation, the original of the fiscal invoice, a copy of the Electronic Identity Card, Electronic Identity Card (EIC) reading and a copy of the RSD bank account card;
  3. to submit other necessary documents at the request of the Insurer.

If the Insured uses the services of health institutions with which the Insurer has a contract on direct cooperation (see: network of priority medical service providers), the request for reimbursement of costs covered by the insurance policy is submitted by the medical institution. Appointments within the network of priority medical service providers can be made: through the Call Center on 011 22 09 808 or through Wiener Zdravlje mobile application.

The Insured is obliged to submit the request for pre-authorization to the Insurer at least 14 days in advance in the following cases:

  • For all medical expenses over 300 EUR;
  • For all surgical interventions;
  • For the cost of hospital treatment.

Claim notification for Voluntary Health Insurance to be sent to

Accident claim forms for Voluntary Health Insurance