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Farm Holding Insurance

Throughout the year you invest a lot of effort, work and capital in production of your products and stock-farming. Do not let a natural disaster or some other peril take everything away in just a moment. We have prepared a package designed for insurance of farms in the ownership of natural persons.

Which risks are covered?

Our policy offers you, first of all, protection against basic property risks:

  • fire and thunder strike
  • explosion
  • windstorm
  • hail
  • impact of own motor vehicle and own self-propelled working machine into the insured construction facility
  • fall of an aircraft
  • manifestation and demonstration.

In order to provide full protection of your property, we envisaged the possibility to conclude other risks, as well:

  • flood, torrent and high water
  • outflow of water from water and sewer mains
  • burglary theft and robbery
  • glass breakage
  • earthquake.

What can you insure?

The insurance subject matter are:

  • all buildings (residential, auxiliary and farm)
  • all household items
  • all agricultural equipment and material (agricultural machines and tools, horse wagons and accessories, barrels, drums, construction material for own use, fertilizers, pesticides, animal food components, beekeeping equipment)
  • all animals (hoof animals, cattle, pigs, small livestock, rabbits, bee hives, poultry)
  • all agricultural products (cereals in grains, hay, straw, industrial and fodder crops, fruits, vegetables, wine, brandy)
  • plastic and glass greenhouses.

Below you can download the insurance conditions that are currently in force. For all previous versions of insurance conditions, please contact us:

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