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Life insurance

Life insurance provides you savings for the future and life insurance in the event of death, so that you can be sure that the members of your family will be taken care of in case of an uncalled-for situation.

We know life is unpredictable and priceless, hence we all want to ensure a peaceful and safe future for ourselves and our families. The best way to achieve it and show responsibility toward ourselves and our families is the decision to save through life insurance.

Life insurance covers all risks: accident, critical illness and death, but it is mainly used for a bright side of life.

Conclude a contract which guarantees:

  • Supplementary income for dignified and peaceful old age
  • Support to the loved ones at the time of solving important life issues, education, apartment
  • Fulfilment of the wishes we could not or we did not have time to afford, hobby, travelling.

Life insurance is a wise decision, a good investment yielding permanent profit and providing security and protection to the family. We have to do that in time, for ourselves and for our dearest ones.

You will find Company Wiener Stadtische a stable partner for the whole life.