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Complaints procedure

Wiener Städtische osiguranje acts in accordance with the Insurance Act and the Decision of the National Bank of Serbia on the procedure for complaints of insurance service users (“Sluzbeni Glasnik “, No. 87/2021). The decision of the National Bank of Serbia regulates the manner of submitting the user’s complaint to the insurer, the insurer’s actions upon the received complaint, as well as the manner of submitting the mediation proposal or complaint to the National Bank of Serbia by the user if he/she is not satisfied with the insurer’s reply or the response has not been timely provided.

If the user of the insurance service wants to file a complaint orally, the employee of the Company is obliged to warn him that the Company is not obliged to consider the oral complaint as well as to provide instructions on how to file a complaint.

The user of the insurance service may file a complaint in person or through his representative or proxy.

The complaint must contain the following information and documentation:

  • name, surname and address of the complainant if it is a natural person, i.e business name and seat of the legal entity and name and surname of the legal representative of the legal entity, i.e authorized person if the complaint is submitted in the name and on behalf of the legal entity;
  • the reasons for the complaint and the requests of its submitter;
  • evidence to substantiate the allegations in the complaint;
  • date of filing the complaint;
  • signature of the complainant, ie his representative or proxy, unless the complaint is submitted in electronic form;
  • a special power of attorney, if the complaint was filed by a proxy, by which the insurance service user authorizes the proxy to file a complaint on his behalf and for his account on the work of Wiener Städtische osiguranje a.d.o. Belgrade, to take action on that complaint and by which the user of the insurance service gives approval to make available to that proxy data relating to him/her, and represent personal data in terms of the law governing the protection of personal data, or classified information in terms of other regulations.

The complaint shall be submitted in writing.

The insurance service user can file a complaint in one of the following ways:

NOTE: The complaint can be submitted by calling the following telephone numbers in Serbia 0800 / 200-800 and / or 011 / 2209-800, only in case the complaint refers to a contract concluded at distance (insurance contract concluded by using means of distance communication).

Complaints submitted by e-mail or using the Company’s website in the period Monday-Friday after 5 pm and on weekends (Saturday and Sunday), will be considered received on the first following working day (respecting all legally prescribed public holidays) and from then on the Company’s response period begins.

The Company is obliged to receive a written complaint from an insurance service user in any business premises where it offers insurance services and to issue an Acknowledgment of receipt of the insurance service user’s complaint to the insurance service user.

The Acknowledgment of receipt of the complaint must contain an indication of the place and time of receipt of the complaint and the person employed by the Company that received the complaint.

If the user of the insurance service submitted the complaint via the Company’s website or by e-mail, the Company is obliged to immediately confirm the receipt of the complaint electronically.

Wiener Städtische osiguranje will respond to your complaint no later than 15 days from the date of receipt of the complaint. This deadline can be extended by a maximum of 15 days in case there are reasons that do not depend on our will, and about which you would be notified in writing.

Filing a complaint and acting by the Company is free of charge for the complainant. All personal data collected for the purpose of dealing with a complaint may only be used for that purpose. Only employees of the Company are authorized to process them and the data are not provided to third parties. More about privacy protection

In the event that the complainant is not satisfied with the Company’s response, or does not receive it within the prescribed period, he may submit a proposal for mediation or complaint to the National Bank of Serbia.

An objection, ie a proposal for mediation to the National Bank of Serbia may be submitted in writing to the address:

National Bank of Serbia,
PO Box 712, 11000 Belgrade
or electronically via the website of the National Bank of Serbia.


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