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The Home Handyman

If a pipe suddenly starts leaking at your home, or key breaks in the lock, or any other startling unpredictable defect happens at your home, The Home Handyman Insurance provides assistance of skilled and authorized persons during 24 hours every day, 365 days a year.

The Home Handyman is assistance insurance in case the emergency repairs are needed in the apartment or house.

When you need assistance … we are with you 24 hours 7 days a week and on holidays!

What does this insurance comprise?

  1. Assistance organization – accepting phone calls by Assistance Centre and organizing arrival of skilful and authorized persons
  2. Coverage of costs for performance of the following works:*
  • Plumbing repairs – due to defect or choking of the appertaining plumbing and sewer installations;
  • Carpentry works – due to damage or defect at the doors and windows incurred by an attempt at or execution of burglary theft
  • Locksmith works – in order to enable entrance/exit of the users into/out of the apartment or house and due to loss or theft of keys or lock defect
  • Glass works – replacement of broken glass surfaces on exterior doors or windows of the apartment or house
  • Masonry and roof-covering works
  • Electrical works – due to defect of electrical installations, air conditioning equipment and water heaters as the consequence of thunderbolt, high voltage or short circuit
  • Works related to the primary heating system – damage or defect repairs
  • Works at cleaning, drying and disinfection – in case of water leakage, flood or penetration of waste or other waters

* The Insured shall bear the costs of replacement parts on his/her own account

Additional insurance covers:

Organization and coverage of the costs of transport and temporary accommodation in case the works cannot be finished within 24 hours whereas the damage is such that the apartment or house cannot be used.

If you are in need of an emergency repair, call Assistance Centre: Global Assistance

+381 11 222 1 600

When calling Assistance Centre, the following data have to be provided:

• Name, surname and address of the insured, as specified in the Insurance policy;

• Insurance Policy number

• Address of the insurance place– apartment or house

• Short description of the trouble and type of required assistance.

Your home will be visited by a skilled person who will repair the defect or undertake further steps in order to make repair within the shortest possible time.

Type and scope of assistance is determined by Assistance Centre on the basis of all circumstance in the concrete case.

Service of not more than three emergency events will be provided during a year.