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Insurance for Cyclists

For carefree cycling of the whole family – take your insurance policy in time for only 6 Euros a year

Due to increasing participation of the cyclists in traffic, there are more and more traffic accidents in which cyclists are involved and they are often directly responsible for accidents. Liability of the cyclists is not covered by mandatory insurance in traffic, hence, in case a cyclist incurs any damage to a third party, he/she has to indemnify it on his/her own.

From now on, it need not be the case because Wiener Städtische osiguranje has created a new insurance!

Liability insurance for cyclists for damage incurred to third parties is dedicated to all cyclists and is effective only on the territory of Serbia. This insurance provides protection to you and your family members (spouse and children)  against liability for the damage incurred to a third party when riding a bicycle, due to: death, bodily injury, health impairment, property destruction or damage.

By paying the annual premium of only 6 Euros, you procure Third Party Liability Insurance for Cyclists for yourself and your family in the amount of 15,000 Euros*.

* Maximum Insurer’s liability per a detrimental event and in total for the whole period of insurance period (one year).

Below you can download the insurance conditions that are currently in force. For all previous versions of insurance conditions, please contact us:

Terms and conditions