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Insurance of Athletes

This insurance can be stipulated for the period of one year or only for the period of a specific competition.

An athlete is insured when an accident occurs:

  • During sports activity of the insured, during a training and competition in the subject sport discipline;
  • At the time when the insured is on a continual journey out of the head office of the sports organization whose member he/she is, including from home to the place determined for trainings or competition and on return home;
  • When performing certain duties by order of the sports company management, such as: participation at sports meetings, conferences, procurement of sports equipment, etc, as well as while he/she is at journey related to performance of these obligations.

If an insured event occurs, depending on the assumed risks, it is our obligation to pay out::

  • The full insured sum in the event of death due to accident or full disability;
  • Percentage of the insured sum stipulated for disability which corresponds to the percentage of partial disability according to the enclosed medical documentation;
  • Stipulated amount of daily reimbursement for every day of temporary working disability caused due to accident;
  • Treatment costs, if the insured needed medical aid due to an accident or incurred treatment costs.