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Toyota All-risk insurance policy

Best terms of All-risk insurance policy available to all drivers of Toyota vehicles

Just as the owners of Toyota vehicles show by choosing a prestige Japanese brand that they can recognize a top quality product, by choosing WIENER STÄDTISCHE osiguranje to be its official partner, TOYOTA Serbia Company has shown that it can distinguish the reliability and the quality of service provided by one of the acknowledged leaders in the domestic insurance market.

Through joint efforts TOYOTA Serbia and WIENER STÄDTISCHE osiguranje have launched a brand new service in our market earmarked exclusively for the owners of Toyota vehicles – TOYOTA INSURANCE!

Toyota insurance is an exclusive insurance package allowing all owners of Toyota vehicles to buy all-risk insurance policy (CASCO) under best terms in our market and to obtain safe, quick and quality protection of their vehicles from all authorised Toyota car dealerships and repair shops.

Apart from saving precious time, as both the top quality vehicle and the best protection against undesirable events are offered to you at the one place, a considerable number of advantages can be gained from purchasing TOYOTA INSURANCE policy, such as:

1. New vehicle in case of total damage throughout the first year

Throughout the first year, in case of car theft, for instance, TOYOTA INSURANCE reimburses the value of a new car, w/o depreciation, namely the value of your car, based on its age, distance it travelled, etc. will not be diminished.

2. Maximum 50% discount bonus after 3 years, with protected bonus for first damage

15% bonus is available in case of no damage throughout the first year, and additional 15% after the second year and extra 20% after the third one, which means that a maximum 50% bonus is available upon entering the fourth year. By reaching the maximum bonus, one may enjoy the right to unprotected bonus with the first damage, which means that after the first harmful event, regardless of the cost of the damage, the bonus is not lost but rather one can keep the maximum 50%.

3. Up to 5 days of use of a replacement car

If your car is undergoing repair, you will be provided with a replacement car.

4. Easy and quick submission of reimbursement requests – One Stop Shop

In case of a harmful event, all required activities for the purpose of accomplishing your insurance – from reporting the damage and the submission of a request, to car repairing via down payment – are performed and completed at one place, namely in any of Toyota authorised repair shops.

5. Special terms of assessing damage with used Toyota vehicles

Lowest depreciation rates from the catalogue of the Automobile and Motorcycle Association of Serbia (AMSS) are used when the partial damage is incurred, which means that the possibility of declaring total damage is lower than through regular calculation. In other words, the bigger damage on a used vehicle, the greater chance for car repair rather than declaring total damage.

6. Fast reimbursement of damage

7. Membership at Wiener Club with lots of advantages 10% discount on Wiener Städtische non-life insurance policies* (travel, roadside assistance, house and apartment insurance…), discounts at Wiener Club’s partners on their services and products.
*except for Motor liability insurance

8. Seasonal campaigns with lots of presents for all Toyota clients

All current and future owners of Toyota vehicles can make their TOYOTA OSIGURANJE contract fast and easily with authorised dealership and repair shops of Toyota.

Info telephone for all-risk insurance policy of Toyota vehicles:
011 220 9805
work days: 08 a.m. – 08 p.m.; Saturday: 09 a.m. – 2 p.m.