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Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance program is insurance only in the event of death. It does not have a saving character and it is stipulated for a definite duration period. The insured gets a high insured sum at a low premium rate.

With this insurance product you secure you investments and your family in the event of death.

Why TERM LIFE insurance?

  • If you raise a bank loan for an apartment or automobile, TERM LIFE insurance provides security to the family in the event of death of the loan holder.
  • If you are often on business trips and exposed to great risks.
  • If the worst happens, think of your loved ones.
  • Age of the insured can range from 14 to 74
  • The contract can be concluded for at least 1 year but not more than 20 years

If you want to pay the premium in instalments, extra payments are: 2% semi-annually, 3% quarterly and 5% monthly.

If the premium payment is realized  on the basis of standing order, by some of the commercial banks, the client is  acquitted of extra payment. Also, in this way, monthly payment is much more comfortable for the policyholder.

Wiener Doctors

Complementary insurance Wiener Doctors is the insurance product of health protection which covers treatment costs of critical illnesses including travel and accommodation expenses up to the insured amount and single limits. The product is designed for specific, critical illnesses whose costly and specialized treatment is insufficiently covered by most health insurance plans. It is stipulated for the same period as life insurance contract. The following illnesses and medical procedures are insured: Cancer Treatment, Coronary Artery By-pass Surgery, Heart Valve Replacement, Live-Donor Organ/Tissue Transplant, and Neurosurgery. Complementary insurance provides you up to €1,000,000 a year and €2,000,000 for the whole insurance period. Thus, doors of the most modern and successful hospitals all over the world are wide open for you.