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For clients who buy house or apartment insurance policy

For clients who buy house or apartment insurance policy, Wiener Club has prepared a pleasant surprise. Apart from an opportunity to buy goods and services at 5-30% discount prices in our partners’ network and regular 10% discount price on all insurance policies in the category of non-life insurance (except Motor liability insurance), Wiener Club awards you with extra insurance.

If you make a contract of property insurance, either a house or an apartment, and the accompanying household property as well, you will get an insurance policy worth

But that’s not all! In addition to insurance policy as a gift, the membership in the Wiener Club allows you:

  • 10% DISCOUNT PRICE ON ALL NON-LIFE INSURANCES (except Motor liability insurance)
  • UP TO 30% DISCOUNT PRICE WITH WIENER CLUB’S PARTNERS (retail trade chains, health care and hotel facilities, sport and recreation centers, restaurants, toy stores, auto parts stores, etc.)

See the entire list of our partners and discounts here.

Membership at Wiener Club offers always more. If you are a holder of more than one type of insurance policy, see gifts and advantages that you can also be provided with: