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Wiener Art

Wiener Art – Great Works of Contemporary Serbian Art

Wishing to help artistic creation and encourage young, talented artists in Serbia, Wiener Städtische Insurance Company launched Wiener Art in 2011. This unique project on the Serbian insurance market, and beyond, confirms the company’s corporate social responsibility in an original way and in accordance with the tradition of its parent organisation, Vienna Insurance Group, which is also a great art collector. Today, the Wiener Art collection boasts over 500 works by 90 contemporary Serbian artists, some of whom are well-established names in contemporary Serbian art: Ana Knežević, Mrđan Bajić, Mihael Milunović, Tomislav Peternek and many others.

The collection includes paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings and photographs, as well as three light art installations, making it one of a kind. These diverse works of art, collected by a team of experts on behalf of Wiener Städtische Insurance Company over the years, are yet another proof that Serbian culture has been evolving and following global trends. Some of the artworks are recent, some are a little radical, some are visionary. They are works of art that were far ahead of the social, political and artistic practices in the country at the time they were created.

Wiener Städtische Insurance Company reaffirms its commitment to art not only by collecting works of art but also through other activities aiming to promote and present contemporary Serbian art to the wider public. The company wants to draw attention to the importance of young artists as one of the pillars of our society and to their contribution to our culture.

Wiener Städtische Insurance Company and Wiener Städtische Versicherungsverein are proud platinum sponsors of The Cleaner, a major retrospective exhibition of Marina Abramović’s works.