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Casco insurance

For many people, a car is no longer just a mode of transport. Today, we choose it and invest in it very carefully, and in return we expect a reliable, comfortable and enjoyable drive. And, when a lot of love and money is invested in something, it is inevitable to think about the manner in which to safeguard the acquired assets.

We offer you a number of conveniences:

Comfort – You can write the policy from your home.  Call us and our representatives will come to visit you;

Possibility of choice – C hoose the risk package of Casco Insurance that corresponds your car and your possibilities the most: full, partial and/or supplementary Casco Insurance. Furthermore, you yourself choose the manner for stipulation of coverage height for full Casco insurance.

Efficient payment – In case of partial damage to a vehicle, Wiener Stӓdtische osiguranje shall pay to the authorized service centre directly for repair, in other words, a customer does not have to pay to a service centre and later request for reimbursement of the paid amount. The damage is paid out within the shortest possible time.

Full Casco Insurance of vehicles encompasses insurance protection against destruction and damage of vehicles and its assemblies as the consequence of occurrence of certain risks which are defined by the following risk packages.

  • Risk package A – Traffic accident in the event of collision with one or more other, known vehicles; the known vehicle means the motor vehicle which data about registration plate, type, make and model of the vehicle from the traffic licence and identification data about vehicle owner are known on the basis of duly filled out European Accident Statement and/or certified police accident report.
  • Risk package B  – Fire, thunder strike, windstorm, hail, avalanche, torrent and high water, traffic accident in case of collision with one or more other known vehicles.
  • Risk package C   – Traffic accident, fire, thunder strike, storm, hail, avalanche, fall  or impact of an object, sudden thermal or chemical external action, explosion, fall of an aircraft, manifestation or demonstration, malicious actions or wildness of third parties, damage of upholstered parts of the vehicle made on the occasion of rendering aid to persons injured in traffic or some other accident, intentional causing of damage to the insured object aimed at prevention of greater damage to that or other object or persons, flood, torrent or high water, landfall or landslide and rockslide, sinking, damage incurred to rubber hoses, cables, upholstered parts and coating and insulating materials due to animal bite.
  • Risk package D  – Implies all risks from package C as well as the following risks: unauthorized use of the vehicle, vehicle theft, robbery and banditry.
Partial Casco Insurance

Partial Casco Insurance is insurance of all standard glass surfaces installed on the vehicle, except the glass on the headlights, mirrors and roof of the vehicle.


Supplementary Casco Insurance is possible to write only on condition of full Casco insurance and implies:

  • Insurance of supplement vehicle rental costs
  • Roadside Assistance Insurance
  • Car Accident
  • Insurance of advertising and other inscriptions on and/or in the vehicle
  • Insurance of personal luggage and tools for professional use