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Portable equipment

Appliances and devices ensure smooth performance of your business. However, they are exposed to various external influences, particularly when the operation process requires their frequent relocation. Therefore, do not let any unexpected failure or clumsy handling and negligence obstruct your business and incur unplanned costs.

Which risks are covered and when?

Insurance protection is provided against destruction of, damage to or disappearance of the insured item in the event of occurrence of the insured case, such as:

  • during transportation or transfer due to accident of a motor vehicle, floating vessel or aircraft,
  • in the course of use,
  • during storage,

Against the following perils:

  • fire and thunder strike,
  •  explosion,
  • windstorm,
  • hail,
  • flood and torrent,
  • outflow of water from installations,
  • machine breakdown,
  • theft and robbery.

What can you insure?

  • The insured subject matter can be: portable devices, instruments and appliances which are used in the field and serve for measurement, control, medical, geological and hydro geological research, analysis, diagnostics and recording (technical and medicinal), and the like, and which are not a component of the motor vehicle, floating vessel or aircraft as the means of conveyance for the purpose of use, including: mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, optical, electronic, laser devices, ultrasonic appliances, isotopic,
  • Portable power supply sources and converters which are used for power supply of the insured portable technology (devices, appliances and instruments) or for other purposes,
  • Appliances and devices used in the company (air conditioning, kitchen appliances, TV receivers, devices for picture and sound transmission, music devices, washing and drying machines, dishwashers, electric heating devices, vacuum cleaners, electric tools, computers and associated equipment, electronic protection and surveillance systems), leased for a specified period by an authorized leasing company.

Additional benefits:

  • We indemnify your costs for elimination and mitigation of damage.