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Business Interruption Insurance

Although fire or natural disasters can cause huge damages, sometimes their consequences which result in business interruption can cause inconceivably greater harm than just material damage. In some cases, a company’s survival can be at stake. We propose you business interruption insurance due to fire and allied perils to protect yourself and your business partners.

Which risks are covered?

Our policy offers you protection provided that business interruption is caused due to:

  • fire and thunder strike
  • explosion
  • windstorm
  • hail, impact of own motor vehicle and own self-propelled working machine into the insured construction facility
  • fall of an aircraft
  • manifestation and demonstration.

In order to arrange complete insurance protection of your property, we envisaged a possibility of stipulating a number of supplementary risks:

  • flood, torrent and high water
  • landslide
  • settling
  • avalanche
  • leakage of liquid
  • outflow of water from water supply  and wastewater systems
  • spontaneous combustion of stock
  • outflow of red-hot liquid melted mass
  • impact of an unknown vehicle into the insured construction facility.

What can you insure?

The insured subject matter can be:

  • lost profit and
  • fixed operating costs.

Supplementary benefits:

We indemnify your costs for elimination and mitigation of the damage.