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Wiener Doctors PLUS

With life insurance Wiener Doctors PLUS you ensure top-level health service for yourself and your loved ones at a monthly premium from 14 Euros. 

Wiener Doctors Plus is the insurance which provides health insurance for treatment of the most critical illnesses, at the best world hospitals, by the top-level doctors for you and your dearest ones.  Wiener Doctors network includes almost 53,000 doctors in more than 40 countries.

With a low monthly premium, from 14 Euros, you receive the guaranteed coverage for:

  • Travel expenses;
  • Accommodation, and
  • Treatment up to 1,000,000 Euros annually, and 2,000,000 Euros during the insurance term (life-time).

Health need not be the privilege for a few!

You can also have a team of world-class doctors at your disposal that will do their best to help you.

  • ”In-situ“ Cancer Treatment;
  • Coronary Artery By-Pass Surgery;
  • Heart Valve Replacement;
  • Neurosurgery;
  • Live-Donor Organ/Tissue Transplant

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Insurance policy Wiener Doctors Plus also includes insurance in case of death.

The basic conditions for conclusion of this insurance:

  • All persons from age 14 to 64;
  • Insurance can be stipulated for minimum 1 year to maximum 20 years

Insurance Wiener Doctors Plus cannot be concluded for children under the age of 14. For that reason, we have prepared a special offer for them. With supplementary health insurance Wiener Doctors Plus, in the package with 3D insurance, you can provide high level health protection for your children at a monthly premium of 14 Euros!