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Life insurance

Protecting what matters

We insure life responsibly and on time

Under the circumstances when your company is exposed to market contingencies and huge challenges, we can ensure protection of your business through a multitude of our various life insurance programs:

  • We offer insurance protection against premature departure of your key persons (co-owners, managers, experts…)
  • Reward your employees for accomplished results by protecting their families at the moments of financial insecurity.
  • Thank them for loyalty and provide them security in retirement.

Think of yourself and your loved ones. At the moments of insecurity, find yourself a true support, a true friend. At the hardest time, WSO is your helping hand who firmly supports your need for security. Combining our economic strength and exceptional development potentials, we offer our customers efficiency and professional service.

Availing of Vienna Insurance Group’s know-how and experience, and the qualification and expertise of our team, we shall design a peculiar package containing the products at your choice.