For retail

Product liability insurance

If you are engaged in production of products and/or provision of services, this is the insurance for you. This insurance protects you from the damages incurred to the users of your products and/or services and enables you high-quality appearance and competitive advantages on the market.

What can you insure?

With this policy you can insure your liability for damages due to death, bodily injury or health deterioration, as well as destruction of or damage to the items of third parties which occur due to use of a product or performance of inadequate service, which you delivered or carried out.

In order to arrange complete insurance protection for you, we envisaged a possibility of expanding this insurance due to defect of the items when detrimental consequences manifest with delay:

  • Due to merging, mixing or processing of your products with other products,
  • In the course of further treatment or processing of your product,
  • When the costs of third parties are incurred for elimination, clearing away and disposing of the products with defect and installation, mounting or removal of the spare products without defect.

Which risks are covered?

Detrimental events which occur due to use of a defective product or performance of an inadequate service on the basis of which a third party can raise damage claim on the grounds of your liability.