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Surgical interventions

In accordance with your needs to additionally protect your health, we’ve enriched our services with new additional insurance. One policy covers expenses for a number of different surgical interventions-illness or accident related surgeries.

This insurance provides for the reimbursement of expenses regarding surgical interventions in case of illness which was not indicated before the conclusion of the contract, or in case of an accident. You may conclude a contract on this simultaneously with a contract on life insurance and for the same period. If during the contract a number of surgical interventions happen, the fee is paid for every one of those, up to the agreed insured amount.

Think ahead! Secure yourself the financial support for when you need it the most.

It is possible to conclude additional insurance in case of surgical interventions with the following life insurances:

  • Classic
  • 3D Program, with all three dimensions

You may find surgical interventions covered by this additional insurance in the Classification of surgical intervention, which is an integral part of Insurance Terms and Conditions.

  • Persons from 14 to 65 years of age may be insured, with that the age of the insuree in the moment when the policy expires may not be more than 75 years;
  • Persons who are not healthy or whose work ability is diminished may be insured according to Special Terms and Conditions for enhanced risk insurance;
  • Persons completely deprived of their working ability may not be insured.