Personal Temporary Annuity Insurance

How many times have you said that time flies? Our work ability and life energy we once had decrease with age, and upon retirement income we are used to decreases as well.

That’s why, it is necessary to think about the old age on time and to invest in our carefree future.

Annuity insurance with a one-time payment is a life insurance product that will provide you with a regular additional income. Insurance indemnity is paid in the form of annuity on a monthly basis, starting from the month following the payment made. Your health condition does not affect the premium and the amount of personal annuity.

What do you gain with this insurance?

  • With a one-time payment of personal temporary retirement annuity you will provide yourself with financial security in the form of regular monthly income;
  • If the guaranteed period of annuity payout is contracted, the dependants will be receiving the annuity in the event of death of the insured up to the expiry of the guaranteed period;
  • The profit realized during the previous year is paid on an annual basis.

Insurance terms and conditions

  • Persons from the age of 50 in completed years to the age of 75 may be insured;
  • The amount of the annuity that you will receive is your own choice, as well as the payout period which may be a period of one to 20 years;
  • The monthly annuity cannot be less than EUR 50.

You can download the insurance terms and conditions that are currently in force below. Please contact us for any previous version of the insurance terms and conditions: .

Garantovani period10 godina
Trajanje osiguranja20 godina
Jednokratna premija20.000 €
Iznos mesečne rente112 €
Garantovani period10 godina
Trajanje osiguranja20 godina
Jednokratna premija20.000 €
Iznos mesečne rente104 €
  • Osigurati se mogu lica od navršene 50. do 75. godine života;
  • Visinu  rente koju ćete primati birate sami, kao i period isplate koji može biti od godinu dana do 20 godina;
  • Mesečna renta ne može biti manja od 50 €, što u sprezi sa trajanjem osiguranja uslovljava i iznos minimalne jednokratne uplate.

U nastavku možete preuzeti uslove osiguranja koji su trenutno na snazi. Za sve prethodne verzije uslova osiguranja, molimo da nas kontaktirate: .