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Cancer protection

Life is constant challenge. We can never be prepared enough for facing unforeseen events. It is good to have help in the most difficult challenges.

With additional insurance against malignant diseases, we provide you with financial support in case of the first diagnosis of cancer confirmed by medical documentation.

Insurance against malignant diseases is contracted as supplementary insurance with life insurance:

The insured is entitled to compensation in the amount of the agreed amount for one malignant disease, if during the insurance it is established that the malignant disease occurred for the first time and if it is established on the basis of available medical documentation that the disease did not exist before.

Without additional increase in the premium, the coverage can be extended to children aged 3 to 18, which makes them insured as well.

The amount of the premium is determined on the basis of the sum insured, access age, duration of insurance and gender of the insured. The insurance contract can last from one to 25 years.

The insurance premium is paid in installments, which can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual. The dynamics of the payment of the insurance premium must be harmonized with the dynamics of the payment of the life insurance premium, with which this insurance is contracted.

Age of Insured

30 years

40 years

50 years

Sum Insured

10.000 EUR

Annual Premium


8,71 EUR

24,06 EUR

75,45 EUR


24,07 EUR

45,21 EUR

88,95 EUR

  • All healthy persons age 18 to 74 can be insured;
  • Along with the insured person, healthy children of the insured, aged 3 to 18, can also be insured, provided that they are registered for insurance;
  • Persons who are not completely healthy or whose working capacity is impaired can be insured according to the Special Conditions for Insuring Increased Risks
  • Persons completely deprived of legal capacity cannot be insured.

Special conditions