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Casco economic

It can happen to anyone to be responsible for a traffic accident or his car being damaged by a natural disaster. In such situations, when basic auto liability insurance will not reimburse the repair of your car, the solution lies in CASCO ECONOMIC- voluntary  Wiener Städtische casco insurance.

What does it cover?

Package Casco economic of Wiener Städtische insurance covers risks of traffic accidents with one or more (known) vehicles and risk of fire and basic natural disasters (thunder strike, thunderstorms, hailstorms, snow avalanche, floods, torrents and high water).

To whom is it intended?

It is intended for all passenger vehicles (excluding taxis, car rentals, driving schools), but due to its affordable price, Casco economic is especially suitable for cars older than 5 years. It is available for both private persons and legal entities, all who are on the road often and are therefore more exposed to risk.


Before all, because the insurance premium is many times lower than potential damages. For only one third of th  package price of full casco insurance (theft risk included), Casco economic enables coverage of unexpected expenses which occurred through realization of some of the fore named risks. IN case of damage, the insuree does not have to lose time and money for purchase of parts and similar, because he may be directly sent to a partner service, saving both money and time in process.

Also, it is possible to perform a payment of damage remuneration even without repairs and receipts, within 48 hours from the report of the occurred damages.

Short term Casco insurance

If you’re going abroad on holiday this year with your own car, we ensured that you may conclude a short term Casco insurance.