For retail

Stocks in cold warehouses

If your business is cooling and storing of the stocks of goods at low temperatures and/or under temperature-controlled atmosphere or in frozen condition, if you are afraid of destruction of or damage to your stocks or change of cooling conditions, this is the insurance for you.

Which risks are covered?

Our policy provides you protection against:

  • Fire and thunder strike,
  • explosion,
  • windstorm,
  • hail,
  • impact of own motor vehicle or own mobile working machine into the insured construction facility,
  • fall of an aircraft,
  • manifestations and demonstrations,
  • burglary theft,
  1. unforeseen defect of the cooling device or power black-out which can cause: change of the cooling regime,
  2. complete interruption of cooling,
  3. detrimental effects of cooling agents to stored insured subject matters,
  4. failure to maintain the contracted or usual temperature and air humidity and controlled atmosphere in the cool storage.

In order to arrange complete insurance protection of your property, we envisaged a possibility of stipulating a number of supplementary risks:

  • flood, torrent and high water,
  • landslide,
  • avalanche,
  • leakage of fluids,
  • outflow of water from water supply and wastewater systems.

What can be insured?

 The insured subject matter can be:

Stocks of goods for sale or processing stored in built-up cold rooms of companies, wholesale companies, ports, manufacturing companies for production and/or processing of foodstuff, drinks, beverages, medicines, serums and vaccines, manufacturing of chemical and technical products that require storage at low temperatures.

Additional benefits:

  • We indemnify your costs for clearing away the debris and demolition;
  • We indemnify your costs for elimination and mitigation of the damage