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Glass breakage

Glass surfaces are exposed to special risks and have to be additionally protected. We ensure replacement of old glass and mounting of the new one

Which risks are covered?

This insurance provides coverage against almost all perils which can cause destruction of or damage to glass surfaces and other insured subject matters (e.g. coverage for damages of the glass incurred due to draught or intentional breakage by third party(ies).

What can you insure?

 The insured subject matter can be:

  • all kinds of glass surfaces
  • marble and artificial stone of table tops
  • china sanitary ware
  • historical and cultural monuments and gravestones made of marble, concrete and metal
  • street mirrors for traffic regulation
  • illuminated signboards and advertisements with accessories.
  • Costs of temporary glazing are covered by insurance;
  • We indemnify the costs of removing and replacing the items which obstruct mounting of new glass (for example: window protection grate, window protection bars, sun shade, and the like).
  • Insurance of neon tube lighting and illuminated advertisements covers the damages incurred due to direct effect of electric current (short circuit), due to errors in construction and material, due to plant accidents;
  • We indemnify your costs for elimination and mitigation of the damage

In order to arrange complete insurance protection of your property, we envisaged a possibility of stipulating supplementary risks:

  • insurance of images, signboards and decorations that were on the insured glass surface incurred due to its breakage,
  • damage to the items which were placed in a window-shop that got broken provided that the damage arose from direct impact of broken glass.