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Construction and Erection Insurance

Do not let anything obstruct the quality of your construction works, observance of deadlines and your investor’s satisfaction! If you are engaged in the construction business, you are well aware of the risks which accompany this business: workers safety, material quality, safe storage, precarious contractors, machine and equipment breakdown, damages to third parties, natural disasters.

Wiener Städtische osiguranje offers you protection against a multitude of potential risks which belong to two main categories:

  • Material damage to the facility under construction or erection;
  • Liability for damage to third parties

All damages incurred to the insured facility, equipment and construction material in the period of construction or erection are implied. The insurance provides protection against the consequences of fire, explosion, natural disasters such as earthquake, flood, torrent and high water, windstorm and thunder strike, settling and landslide, damages incurred as the consequence of design errors, carelessness or negligence of workers, burglary theft or robbery, construction accident … as well as the damage to the property or health of third parties.

Insurance coverage may also be arranged for material damages incurred in the period of maintenance which is defined by the Construction contract, in the warranty period or during the testing period of the installed equipment as well as the damages incurred during overtime work and work during weekends and state holidays.

What can you insure?

Practically everything: facilities under construction and erection, existing facilities being reconstructed, auxiliary facilities (warehouses, depots and containers), material for installation, tools and kits, mechanization on the construction site, costs of clearing away the debris which are the consequence of the damage to the facility…

Wiener Städtische osiguranje provides you a possibility of great flexibility in selecting risk coverage. You can create an insurance package according to your own desire by combining the stipulated risks and thus tailor the policy to your needs, desires and possibilities.