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Liability insurance

In daily business, notwithstanding the maximum attention you pay when doing your job, omissions happen and they are difficult to avoid. In some situations, you are not even aware of them. Material damage can be extremely high, but the non-material one can cause inconceivable financial expenses to your company.

The policy of professional liability insurance covers the costs that you may have to carry in the capacity of a legal entity if you are found responsible for causing death, bodily injuries and deterioration of health, destruction of or damages to the property of thirds parties, and at the same time protects your energy and time against unsupported claims.

What can you insure?

With this insurance policy you can insure your civil and legal liability for damages due to death, bodily injuries and health deterioration as well as destruction of or damage to the items of third parties.

Which risks are covered?

The insurance covers your liability for damages arising from performance of you business or possession of certain property, from legal relationship or detrimental feature as the source of perils.

In order to arrange complete insurance protection for you, we envisaged a possibility to expand this insurance, so that:

  • You can insure the liability arising from use, possession, rent or usufruct of real estate, buildings and premises used for needs of insured activity or profession.
  • You can also expand your protection to the liability arising from new sources of perils which may occur to the insured after conclusion of the insurance contract.