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Travel insurance

You are about to set off on a journey soon. You have started collecting all required travel documents, maps and brochures. You pack our travel insurance policy in your suitcase, and your holiday can start right away!

Leave the worries about unwanted events during your travel and temporary stay abroad to us, because that is our job. Our travel insurance will provide to you and your loved ones with fast, efficient and professional support in case of sudden illness or accident.

Do not forget that medical, travel and legal assistance is very expensive abroad.  By purchasing Wiener Städtische travel insurance policy you make sure that in case of unwanted events we bear the costs instead of you.

This summer we have prepared real refreshment for your budget – discounts grow as the summer passes by, as follows:

  • 5% from 10th June to 15th July 2016
  • 7% from 16th July to 31st August 2016
  • 10% from 1st to 31st September 2016

With this saving, travel carefree 24h on all continents.

Wiener Städtische travel insurance policy can be bought at:

Wiener Städtische osiguranja branch offices across Serbia
Partner tourist agencies
For all questions, please contact us at e-mail

Why do you need travel insurance during travel or stay abroad?

  • In order to obtain fast, effective and professional health care for you and your beloved ones in uncalled-for situations.
  • In the event of illness or accident, care about you is taken over by the professionals who conduct and supervise your treatment and organize your return to the country of residence.
  • Costs of medical care abroad are extremely high. By purchasing a travel insurance policy you ensure that in the event of illness or accident these costs are paid by the insurance company on your behalf. Our policy is valid as long as your visa and insures you during the trip and stay abroad.
  • In case your request is rejected, you have the right to 100% insurance premium reimbursement.
  • Travel insurance policy enables you to relax completely during your trip because you have ensured complete and credible protection beforehand.
Insurance territoriesInsurance amounts
All countries in the worlddo 12.000 €
All countries in the world except Egypt and Turkeydo 30.000 €
All countries in the world except Egypt and Turkey, and all countries of these continents: Australia, North America and South Americado 40.000 €

What does the policy cover?

Coverage degreeBasic insurance coverageVIP coverage
Outpatient health treatmentCovered real
Covered real costs*
Medicines and bandages prescribed by the authorized physicianCovered real
Covered real costs*
Medical appliances and mobility aids which are an indispensable part of the treatment for extremity fractures and injuries, prescribed by the authorized physicianCovered real
Covered real costs*
X-ray diagnosis (Roentgen)Covered real
Covered real costs*
Hospital treatment (hospitalization)Covered real
Covered real costs*
Surgical interventions and surgery costsCovered real
Covered real costs*
Dental treatmentYES –  up to 150 €YES – up to 150 €
Evacuation, transportation to the nearest physician or hospitalCovered real
Covered real costs*
Evacuation, transportation and accommodation in a specialized hospitalPokriveni realni troškovi*Covered real costs*
Repatriation, transportation from abroad to the country of residence or hospital in the country of residenceYES – up to 7.000 €YES – up to7.000 €
Repatriation, transportation of mortal remains back to the country of residenceYES – up to 5.000 €YES – up to 5.000 €
Search and rescue/YES – up to 7.000 €
Medical adviceCovered real
Covered real costs*
Recommendation of local medical specialistsCovered real
Covered real costs*
Emergency medication delivery/Covered real costs*
Medical escort during evacuation or repatriationCovered real
Covered real costs*
Escort of underage children, up to 15 years of age/Covered journey costs of an adult companion*
Conveying and receiving emergency messages/Covered real costs*
Repatriation of other insureds, participants in the accident/Covered real costs*
Transport of a close person (relative, friend)/Covered costs of return ticket in economic class*
Providing translation services in case of emergency/Covered costs of eight-hour translation service*
Emergency medication delivery/Covered real costs*
Search and rescue/YES – up to 7.000 €

*Covered real costs – according to the General terms and conditions of health insurance during trip or stay abroad

YES – covered maximum up to the insured sum specified in the table

/ – not covered

What do you have to do in the event of illness or accident?

In the event you need assistance due to sudden illness or accident, you have to do the following:

  • Contact immediately the emergency centre ”April International” by calling +381 11 36 36 990. Emergency centre operators are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in Serbian.
  • Provide the following data:
    Number of the insurance policy
    Insured’s name and surname, current address and contact phone number
    Nature of injury or illness and type of assistance you need
    Give a short description of the problem
  • In case you are unable to call the emergency centre ”April International” before medical examination or admittance to hospital, you have to show the insurance policy to the physician or paramedical staff so that they can report the insured case to the emergency centre.
  • The insurer shall pay for the costs of hospital treatment directly.
  • In case of outpatient treatment, the insured is obliged to bear the costs up to 100 Euros on his/her own, whereas the difference up to the full amount will be indemnified by the insurer to the health institution directly.
  • After return to the country, the Insurer shall reimburse the Insured for the paid amount in the Dinar counter value calculated at the selling exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia.
  • Follow all instructions you get from the operator of ”April International” and the insurer for faster and more efficient interventions.

For detailed explanations, please contact the authorized agent or read General and Special insurance terms and conditions which are an integral part of the concluded travel insurance contract.

Below you can download the insurance conditions that are currently in force. For all previous versions of insurance conditions, please contact us:

General insurance terms and conditions for travel insurance