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Collective insurance of employees

Collective insurance of employees provides protection of employees against the consequences of injuries incurred at work and out of work, as well as protection for their families in the event of the insured’s death as the consequence of an accident or illness.

For more complete protection, we also offer:

  • Insurance of treatment cost, thus covering real and necessary costs incurred during treatment of the consequences of an accident which are charged on the insured’s account;
  • Insurance of daily indemnity whose stipulated amount is paid out for every day of the insured’s temporary working disability.

The insurance lasts 24 hours a day, everywhere and in every place. Employees with definite or indefinite employment as well as the people employed for performance of occasional or temporary jobs can be insured. Workers’ family members aged from 14 to 75 can be included in the insurance.

Wiener Städtische osiguranje  offer encompasses the following types of insurance against the consequences of an accident (casualty):

  • Individual insurance of persons,
  • Drivers, passengers and workers while steering and driving a motor or any other vehicles;
  • Members of sports organizations;
  • Members of hunting and fishing organizations;
  • Members of volunteer fire brigades and other rescue teams;
  • Flight crew while flying a plane and passengers while travelling on board of a plane or other aircrafts;
  • Members of cultural and artistic societies;
  • Pupils and students;
  • Members of youth and student societies;
  • Guests of hotels, motels, bungalows, private accommodation, and the like;
  • Visitors of cultural artistic, sports and other performances;
  • Tourists and excursionists;
  • Subscribers to papers, depositors in savings, and the like;
  • Participants at ski and swimming schools;
  • Passengers in public transport (voluntary);
  • Passengers in public transport (compulsory)