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Claim notification – Property

In case of a harmful event, please adhere to the following actions, all with the aim of assessing and eliminating the damage that occurred to the insured facility as quickly and efficiently as possible:

  1. take all measures to limit the harmful consequences of the accident
  2. notify the Insurer within 3 (three) days of learning of the case
  3. if the Insurer is notified orally, reporting must be confirmed in writing (fill in the prescribed form in the Branch) within the next 3 (three) days
  4. until the arrival of the Insurer’s representative, do not change the situation that arose after the occurrence of the accident, unless it is in public interest, for preventing an increase in damage or for continuation of production.

In case of fire:

  • report the case to the authorised department of the Ministry of Interior and list all items that have been destroyed. The report on accident should be submitted to the Insurer together with the list of destroyed and damaged items with approximate indication of the value, as soon as possible.
  • in case of goods / stocks, submit incoming invoices

In case of flooding:

  • the Insured shall submit as soon as possible a list of destroyed and damaged items with an approximate indication of value,
  • in case of goods / stocks, submit incoming invoices

In case of burglary or theft:

  • the accident must be reported to the Ministry of Interior with the list of stolen items,
  • the Insured must provide official report of attendance issued by the Police representative at the burglary/theft site
  • in case of theft, witness statements are submitted
  • in case of goods / stocks, submit incoming invoices
  • if necessary, ledger account with the balance on the day of the theft is also submitted

In case of machine breakage:

  • the Insured is obliged to submit a Record on the defect caused by the damage on the insured machine, issued by the authorized repairer or other authorized professional
  • Proforma Invoice / Invoice for the performed repair with the accompanying Work Order. The obligation of the Insurer is to pay justified claims for compensation of damages within 14 days from the day of receiving the full list of documents (damages are paid according to the submitted invoices accompanied with the fiscal receipt).

In case of damage to crops and fruits:

  • the Insured is obliged to accurately fill in Claim notification of damage of crops and fruits and to submit it to the e-mail address:
  • The Insurer will, within 3 (three) days, assess the damage in accordance with the General Conditions for Crop and Fruit Insurance.

Claim notification for report of damage to be sent to

Property claim notification forms