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Socially responsible business

Wiener Städtische osiguranje operates in conformity with the principles of corporate social responsibility practising them both toward its employees, through the programs which develop their skills and talents, and toward customers, partners, key players in the insurance industry and the broad community.

Corporate social responsibility

It is our business to secure life and life values of an individual. But, where our business of securing life values ceases there begins our responsibility, which we assume consciously and voluntarily. These are the values which make the lives of all of us, the people in WSO and the people in the community in which we do business, more beautiful, wealthier, more fulfilled and happier. Therefore, we see ourselves as the company who is the leader in creation of security and preservation of general social and universal values of the community in which we build and develop our business. We assume this responsibility because a human being is the intrinsic value for our company.