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Mission, Vision and Values of our Company


The mission of Wiener Städtische Insurance is to provide financial security through products and services that meet the highest standards and meet the needs of our policyholders. We are committed to stable and professional risk protection. We use our experience, knowledge and skills to get closer to our clients. We feel it is our duty to protect what matters to them.


We want always to be the first choice for customers of insurance services and for our clients, business associates, shareholders and the wider community to see us as a stable and reliable partner. We strive to be a leader in the insurance market in Serbia and to constantly contribute to the results of the Vienna Insurance Group, the leading insurance group in Austria, Central and Eastern Europe.

Our values

Bearing in mind that this is an international insurance group, VIG is aware of its responsibility towards clients, employees, shareholders, business partners and society in general. Through its activities, the VIG Group supports efforts to promote sustainable economic and social development in all countries in which it operates. Our relationship with stakeholders in each country is based on honesty and sustainability based on the following values


Diversity is a key value of our business. It is based on belonging to the Vienna Insurance Group. Thanks to the rich local experience, exchange of knowledge, ideas and cultural heritage within the group, we are able to adequately respond to the needs of clients and the environment.


We are always available to clients. We are fully committed to them and understand their needs.


We responsibly fulfill our obligations to clients, business partners and the local community and build relationships based on our dilligent work and respect.